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It's time to invest in your wellness! 


Will you partner with us on this journey? 
We hope so! 
We're ready to partner with you!



Your life is encompassing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. While we are not doctors and do not choose to treat, diagnose or prescribe we do want to educate and empower you for wellness.

Our bodies were created to heal themselves when there is perfect balance; homeostasis.

We hope you’ll allow us to show you where and how to find that balance.



Health means something different to everyone. One may invest in medication to treat an illness while another may invest in supplements to prevent an illness. Nevertheless, their goal is the same; wellness. While we are all different,  we do support and welcome everyone and understand that each area of life makes up who you are as a whole. That's where we will meet you. 




As you begin to see the changes in health in yourself and family you may find a desire to share with others the differences you've seen and things you've learned. It's this seed of desire that blossomed into a complete change of life for some of us while others make enough money to get their products for free each month. Regardless, the opportunity is there for FREEDOM, to DREAM and to CREATE the life you want to live. If this peaks your interest please connect with us so we can show you what that looks like for you. 



The McCoys

The McCoys came into this business accidentally after a chronic illness that plagued Sherian for over 4 years. When they found Young Living and started noticing a difference others started asking what she was doing. Literally, overnight, they became accidental entrepreneurs.

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Our purpose is to meet you where you are in health, life and livelihood and walk beside you to encourage you on to where you want to be.