About Ashley

Hi everyone,  I am a proud oily mom that has been using oils since 2015 and I love sharing and educating people on the wonderful health benefits of using YL essential oils. 

I have always looked for healthy alternatives instead of using western medicine as my main health support. When I came across YL essential oils, I never knew what all you could do with them until I joined my team and started going to classes. 

                        Once I started I was hooked!

 I knew that these amazing oils that God provided us through nature were going to be in my life for as long as I lived.  As I began learning, I realized

it wasn't fair to keep this knowledge to myself

I needed to share this with everyone willing to listen and learn so, I decided to build this as a business so I could share with others how they helped me and my family in our everyday routines. 

          Using YL essential oils is a lifestyle choice!

One that allows you to become your own healthcare advocate instead of just relying on the doctors to tell you everything they THINK you should do or not do. By joining our team you can be confident in knowing we are here to help you
every step of the way on your journey to bettering your health the natural way. Whether you want to build a business or just take care of you and your family, we will walk this journey with you. 


Please feel free to drop me a line under "contact us" if you have a question or if you're ready click

"Join my team"

under my name and you'll be set.