Fabulous February Facts from our Forerunners

Fabulous February Facts from our Forerunners


The EnRgize4Life Team has some amazing learning opportunities for you this month. As we begin a new Basics Series and a Sharing Series this will be everything you need to start living the wellness lifestyle you've been looking for. 

These short weekly classes are designed to help you get your questions answered and inspire you to be healthy and support your body. We will discuss everything from safety, to usage, to recipes to making money and even free stuff!! 

What's even better - for every class you attend you'll receive a TICKET for a drawing at the end of the month. Attend one class - get one ticket.  Attend 3 - 3 tickets and so on. You could very possibly receive EIGHT TICKETS if you attended each online class in the series during the month of February. What a deal!!! 

So, set your calendar now and we'll see you then! 

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