May Missions!!

May Missions!!

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The EnRgize4Life team has some Magnificent May Missions coming up this month!! 

Are you ready for this excitement? Let's get the rundown here. 

Hot off the press we have about 10-12 different opportunities for you to learn about essential oil basics or bring a friend to a class. Leaders are hosting classes in Texas, Tennessee, Arizona and online. There is literally something for EVERYONE!!! 

Our Wellness Workshop theme this month is the Auto Immune system and disorders.

These are offered in two places this month, in person at our Saginaw, TX location and then in our Facebook classroom called The Nest. If you aren't part of that make sure to check it out so you can learn in your jammies! But, if you're local, you'll want to come to the local class. There are ALWAYS things said there that only happens there! ;) 

Finally, we have a FABULOUS contest going on this month that is all about Essential Rewards. It is for new and seasoned members. 

If you join Essential Rewards THIS MONTH you receive a free citrus oil AND your name is put into a drawing for $25 credit on your account.   Can you really have too many diffusers? I think not! 

If you're already on Essential Rewards then you'll want to know about the other part of that contest. Each 100PV placed in Essential Rewards gives you ONE entry into our 2nd drawing for a FREE DIFFUSER.  How 'bout that?

Great prizes for EVERYONE!!! 

Make sure to check out our events section for all the opportunities for you in your area and by your sponsor/enroller. 

Our team is growing by leaps and bounds and we're SO happy to have YOU on board!!!

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