About Darla

I discovered the value of essential oils in January 2017 after exhausting standard medical treatments with minimal results. 

The cycle of repeated treatments for the same symptoms left me looking for another option
– one perhaps overlooked by western medicine. 

Essential oils natural healing properties were an intriguing option.  Learning how toxins can build up in our bodies and negatively impact our health motivated me to work at creating balance in my body.   I’m making choices to eliminate toxins and create balance in my body so natural healing takes place. 

I’m married with two grown children, a Cocker Spaniel and work in Human Resources.  I have a busy life and want to enjoy my family and friends!  I naturally began sharing with my family first because I want them to be happy and healthy!

Now, I’m passionate about sharing with others and helping them find a path to health and wellness. 

Please feel free to drop me a line under "contact us" if you have a question or if you're ready you can click
"Join my team"

We can do it together!