Join us on this series of 12 days to learn easy steps to stay WELL this season instead of going right back to where you always are every year. Live your life TOXIC FREE and start with your OTC products.

How much water should you include when you start falling below your wellness line? That's probably not enough!

You may have heard of a NetiPot but aren't sure how you use one. Maybe it sounds gross or like you just may DROWN while doing it. There are alternatives but this is important to get the debris out of the sinus area! Watch and see!

SUGAR - It's an enemy we all love to hate. How does it work to make us SICKER an what mineral would help to support your body and help you maintain health? Let's discover through this tip!

Ending up my Monday with a cup of tea - but it's not really "tea". It's more of a support drink that balances the throat and supports the immune system. Perfect thing for the end of a long day or the beginning of day where you awaken with a scratchy throat.

How do you detox those nasty germs and viruses that are causing the problem in the first place? What about using essential oils in the bath water? Water and Oil doesn't mix, does it?

Achy body and head? Lift it up and help your body get some relief.

Digestive health is the single most important part of taking care of your health. Watch how to care for this system and how it helps support the respiratory system.

You've learned to support your gut but now you need a little extra support for the respiratory system. Let's get that help through the FEET!!


Let's talk LYMPH!! It's the only system that has no way to MOVE unless you do!! An important part of health but often overlooked.

Serious Throat Care. You've fallen below that wellness line and NOW WHAT? 
There are several tools to help you support well and be ready to tackle your day!

Let's finish up and discuss our ATTITUDE!! What does being positive have to do with a scratchy throat or aches and pains? Let's review - shall we?