Jingle All the Way Educational Series


Day One: Jingle All the Way: Aloes/Sandalwood
Aloe/Sandalwood is our topic today!! We will announce the winner tomorrow night on the EnRgize4Life page on Facebook! 

Day Two: Jingle All the Way/ Rose of Sharon
Beautiful oil from the branches of the tree. Full of Monoterpenes and regenerating to the cells. Let's talk Rose of Sharon/Cistus/Rock Rose.

Day 3: Jingle All the Way: Cypress Essential Oil. 77% Monoterpenes and an excellent oil for support of healthy joint function, cardiovascular support and specifically healthy blood capillaries.

Day 4: Jingle All the Way: Myrrh Essential Oil. Amazing oil from the resin of the tree. It's also called Balm of Gilead and is great support for the skin, endocrine system. Pregnant Mamas this oil is for you!

Day 5: Jingle All the Way: Myrtle Essential Oil.
Myrtle is an OUTSTANDING oil that can support your body on the glandular level. Used for Thyroid Support, Endocrine Support and so much more. Ahh......Myrtle, you're so good to me!

Day 6: Jingle All the Way - Hyssop
Oh what an amazing oil is Hyssop!!! Cleanser, Purifying and helpful for addictions! 

Day 7: Jingle All the Way/ Onycha Tincture of Benzoin is what this on is often called. It's a great support for the digestive system but also a wonderful oil to encourage the cells to heal. You want this oil as you ancient "band aid".

Day 8: Jingle All the Way - Cedarwood Essential Oil is one of the least expensive but most valuable oils in the ancient oils kit. It's almost 98% Sesquiterpenes making it an adoptegen. This means it will help support focus and concentration when needed but can also help promote a healthy night's sleep.