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Hello there! I am Michelle Monk, a former Michigander who got to Texas as fast as she could! I moved here to go to college several years ago, married and stayed.  Although Texas is where I married and grew my family of six children, Michigan calls my heart often. The weather is DIVINE....most of the time. 

During a stressful time of my life, a group of ladies gifted me a Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I used oils here and there and didn't give much thought to sharing with others.

Over the years, essential oils fell off  
my radar but gradually I returned to natural healing and began realizing how amazing essential oils truly are to balance and support the body.

So, with the help of my friend, Sherian, I renewed my account and began seeing a change in myself and children. 
Slowly, I began sharing with others with an emphasis on how essential oils can support those with mental health challenges. I have personal experience with this since I battled with debilitating depression for many years.  Now, I share with excitement because I want each and every person to experience the freedom I have experienced

                    Would you join me?

       Let's tackle this important issue together.

            Mental health is an epidemic -
              let's stop it in it's tracks naturally!