Mona Brady- Middleton, Tennessee, USA

Hello! My name is Mona Brady and I'm from Middleton, TN. I have been involved in dental healthcare for 30+ years. I enjoy taking charge of my health, cooking, fermenting all sorts of foods and reading. I love the challenge of eating clean and having a toxin free home.

My introduction to Young Living with a search for a non-toxic, non pharmaceutical solution to my teen's skin issues. 

I was pleasantly surprised with essential oils as well as the skin care system.  

I have since detoxed my home with Young Living's non-toxic cleaning products. Recently I discovered Young Living supplements and added them to my heart healthy lifestyle. 

YL is an amazing tool to help accomplish all of these goals. 

Join me in this journey to a healthier and happier tomorrow! 

Ragan Clark - Hurst, Texas, USA

 I am Ragan Leigh Clark, MT(ASCP) CM. I love to help people by sharing my knowledge of how the body works and the ways we can support our bodies to do the most amazing thing: heal itself. I have a bachelor's degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (with a double minor in Chemistry and Biology), which has allowed me to gain knowledge and understanding about the body on a cellular and molecular basis. 
My passion is teaching others how this all works, in an understandable and fun way.

I also love to help families stay healthy and save money by sharing DIY tricks for toxin-free house-hold and personal care products.

I believe we are all here for a purpose and we all deserve an amazingly awesome life; I want to show you how to get yours.


Jalynn Crummel- Little Elm, Texas, USA

Jalynn Crummel began her journey with essential oils in April of 2017. She was searching for a better solution than traditional western medicine was providing. Treating symptoms wasn’t solving anything. After being introduced to essential oils by her mother, she quickly learned that there were so many uses for essential oils.

While discovering essential oils, she learned about how things we come into contact with every day affect our health. When we continue to expose ourselves to these toxins, it makes it difficult for our bodies to do what they were designed to do.

By ridding ourselves of those toxins that we have control of, and using more natural ways to support the body,
our bodies can heal themselves.

Today, Jalynn works towards ridding toxins out of her life and home and eating healthier. She shares what she’s learning with others so that they can have the benefits that she has come to enjoy. 

Jalynn invites you to join her on this journey of kicking toxins to the curb and becoming a part of her team.

You won't regret it!