Darla Coufal - bENBROOK, tX usa

The cycle of repeated treatments for the same symptoms left me looking for another option
– one perhaps overlooked by western medicine. 

Essential oils natural healing properties were an intriguing option.  Learning how toxins can build up in our bodies and negatively impact our health motivated me to work at creating balance in my body.   I’m making choices to eliminate toxins and create balance in my body so natural healing takes place. 

I’m married with two grown children, a Cocker Spaniel and work in Human Resources.  I have a busy life and want to enjoy my family and friends!  I naturally began sharing with my family first because I want them to be happy and healthy!

Now, I’m passionate about sharing with others and helping them find a path to health and wellness. 

Please feel free to drop me a line under "contact us" if you have a question or if you're ready you can click
"Join my team"

We can do it together!

Debbie Gordon - bURLESON, tx  usa
Silver Leader

Hello, I'm so pleased you are here. It means we share the same passion - natural healing! My journey started years ago when my daughter was injured on the basketball court. A licensed massage therapist began rubbing oils on my daughter, telling me the healing properties of each oil. What should have taken weeks to recover, only took days. I was so impressed at the speed of healing that I began my journey with extensive research and education - so that I too - could help others. After getting certified to do Raindrop Technique (body applications and Vita-Flex) through CARE, I continued my education by getting my Aromatherapist Certification through Aroma Hut. I'm licensed under the National Therapies Certification Board.

I love it when I get responses such as the ones I received below:

  • "It felt wonderful! I slept very good that night. Very relaxed. Thank you so much"
  • "I had great energy all day, slept really well, and I didn't have trouble getting up this morning. Normally, I am very tired but I was able to get right up."
  • "Thank you so much for Friday, it was amazing."
  • "More energy, don't feel as sleepy during the day and less sadness. I definitely fell better."
  • "I can tell that the application has reduced my pain and stiffness. I enjoyed the aromatherapy and felt very comfortable with you."
  • "I was very impressed with the aromatherapy.  I was pain-free for about 10 hours" 

My mission is to empower my clients to take back their health!

Rita garinO - MESA, aRIZONA  usa

Hi! Welcome to my page. I'm so glad you're here! I've been married to my loving supportive husband, Pete, for just over 30 years. We have four amazing sons and have beautiful twin grandsons and one gorgeous granddaughter.  You could say there's a lot of testosterone in my home and one sweet rose!

In 2011 I left work not feeling well and unfortunately was never able to return. I have been diagnosed with several complicated health issues including a rare autoimmune disease. 

All of the doctors that I have visited for help told me "there is no cure for this disease, it's very rare and we don't know much about it. There is nothing we can do except treat your symptoms as they come". 

After the first couple of years of going from Doctor to Doctor, and researching everything I could find on my disease;

I accepted what my doctors were
telling me and gave up. 

Over time my life consisted of sitting at home and once a week going out to visit my mother-in-law. If I had the energy to go anywhere I would ride around in the electronic cart.  After returning home I would go to bed and stay there for the rest of that day and the next day as well.

I'm not happy to admit that I had given up.
I had given up on myself and of ever having a quality life again.

My husband, thankfully, never gave up hope. It hurt him to see his vibrant wife who had always taken care of everyone and everything pretty much become bedridden and housebound. He listened to anyone who had any suggestions that might be able to help me and we tried a few things. Some worked, some not so much. As I began seeing some small results from one natural supplement it opened the possibilities in my mind for other things. 

         My hope was beginning to bloom.
          Maybe all those doctors were wrong!

About this time my long time friend gave me my life back. She introduce me to Young Living. I began using Young Living products daily. Over the course of a few weeks, I faithfully used these products and my body began to heal. Some of my prescription medications were no longer needed.

  I have my life back!

I am able to leave the house every day and do what ever I want. My husband and children are so excited to see their wife and mother be the woman they once had. 

My goal in life now is to tell everyone out there that there is a better way of life. Don't ever give up on your health.

The resources that God, Mother Nature, our higher being or what ever you want to call our creator are still here to balance and support our bodies so our bodies can heal themselves. The resources that our great grandparents used worked for them, are still here and they work! They are better for us and give our bodies the balance and support they need to heal themselves.

If you want to pursue better health or to maintain your health, I will be here to support you.

If you would like to join me in educating everyone and tell others there is a natural way to balance and support our bodies in order for them to heal themselves - I will support you.

I will stand beside you and we will work together in accomplishing your goals.

I would love to have you on my team.