Damon Harvey- Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Hello, Thanks for stopping by. We are Damon and Leslie Harvey. We both love Young Living and use the oils and supplements regularly, Leslie works behind the scenes and Damon is the "upfront: person in this business. The journey to a healthier life started back in 2013 before Damon had even heard of essential oils. Damon had his 1st of six back surgeries that was followed by many complications. The medications he was taking had no effect on him other than the usual unpleasant side effects. So,  they determined they had to find a healthier alternative. In walks Young Living. This changed Damon's focus on health and he introduced Leslie. She happily joined in! 

Health is not measured by what is seen but rather what you put into your bodies through the foods you eat, the cosmetics in your home as well as the lifestyle that you live. 

We all have entirely too many toxins in our lives. We may not be able to fully control what we come in contact with outside our homes, however, we do have a choice as to what we expose ourselves to inside our homes.

Young Living has made it possible for us to see a future where we live a happier healthier life. 

We welcome you along on our family’s journey to a healthier and happier life as we constantly work on removing toxins from our homes.

kathy jenks/K&G Marketing - Granbury, TX, USA

Kathy Rogers Jenks is a Network Marketer who has a strong belief in the profession and the life-style that residual income can create.  She helps people break out of the 9-5 grime, become financially free and create legacy income.  She is a no nonsense marketer who has learned and teaches her team, as well as others, the skills needed to be successful in network marketing.

Kathy has learned that network marketing is like any other profession, it takes training and education to do it right.  She has studied and learned from some of the best leaders in the network marketing profession and attends a variety of training conferences and seminars so she can bring that knowledge back to her team.

Kathy is a wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother, and she also fostered many teenage girls for 10 years.  She was president of the Fresno County Foster Parent Association representing over 600 foster families.  She currently is a member of several local and multi-cultural organizations.  These combined experiences have given her the ability to multi-task effectively and communicate on various generational, social, and economic levels.

Kathy also served in the United States Army during the Vietnam era adding to her development in working in a culturally diverse environment, whose success depends on working through the ups and downs of building teams and developing leadership skills.

She spent 24 years in Corporate America as a postmaster and then a manager of post office operations overseeing the management of many post offices and hundreds of employees. This career path has giving her the ability to manage throngs of people in an environment that is constantly changing and where there is a variety of complex problems with difficult issues.  Her ability to simplify the processes so they can be understood by all employees on all levels has led her team being recognized as the number one team in her district.

Her combined work and life experiences have not only added to her passion and leadership of network marketing but has also helped her on her spiritual journey.  Kathy has a well-rounded business approach that is not narrow minded.  She thinks big.  She works with a group of mentors and works hard to help ensure that each team member hits the goals that are mutually designed by her and the individual.

barbara kennedy - Fort Worth, TX  Usa

Hello! I am Barbara Kennedy. I have had the blessing of being the wife to my husband Benson and as a pastor's wife or many years. 
I have worked in business and administration for years, taught piano lessons and am now retired but spend much of my time managing my health. I'm still a pastors wife and love that part of my life!

 It was because I was seeking productive ways to balance my health and bring improvement that I found Young Living. My sweet sister wanted me to try some things that she thought might make a difference in my life. Although I was a bit leery of what may happen I checked with my physician and took the plunge. I was wonderfully impressed that many areas where I struggled began to improve. 

As a matter of fact, one of my doctors has written on my quality of care procedures "Use Young Living Essential Oils"  

It's been a great journey having their support and knowing I'm using essential oils and supplements that have helped me to feel better and balance areas where I had such imbalance before. 

Because of Lupus, I stay at home quite a lot. I conserve my energy as much as possible so I may give the energy where it's needed most in my life. I'm so thankful that I can also grow a business from home, marketing and advertising while doing the best thing for my body

I enjoy many things in life but encouraging others to good health, listening and educating them to make positive and healthy changes is at the top of my list. I would love to have you part of my team as we walk on this healthy journey together.