Michelle Monk - aRLINGTON, tx  usa

Hello there! I am Michelle Monk, a former Michigander who got to Texas as fast as she could! I moved here to go to college several years ago, married and stayed.  Although Texas is where I married and grew my family of six children, Michigan calls my heart often. The weather is DIVINE....most of the time. 

During a stressful time of my life, a group of ladies gifted me a Young Living Premium Starter Kit. I used oils here and there and didn't give much thought to sharing with others.

Over the years, essential oils fell off  
my radar but gradually I returned to natural healing and began realizing how amazing essential oils truly are to balance and support the body.

So, with the help of my friend, Sherian, I renewed my account and began seeing a change in myself and children. 
Slowly, I began sharing with others with an emphasis on how essential oils can support those with mental health challenges. I have personal experience with this since I battled with debilitating depression for many years.  Now, I share with excitement because I want each and every person to experience the freedom I have experienced

Andrea Msando - FORT wORTH, tx  usa

Hello Everyone! My name is Andrea Brown Msando, and I am excited to be sharing my passion for natural healing with you. My own health journey started about 7 years ago when I did the Daniel Fast with my church. I developed a challenge for myself while on the fast: to drink nothing but water for an entire month.

It was one small step for me, but one giant step for my body!

The amazing difference I experienced from that one decision ignited me to delve even deeper into what it means to be healthy, and I have been on that trek ever since.

On the road to health, one thing I have learned is that we are living in a different world… literally. What it means to be healthy in 2017 is a complete mindset shift from what it meant to be healthy even one hundred years ago. I am sure that if you ponder that thought for 30 seconds you would be able to list several contrasting examples between then and now. For me, this translated into learning how to live a toxic-free lifestyle. Utilizing healthy alternatives was a natural next step to me becoming healthier and feeling passionate about sharing the positive results. This has been the pattern in my journey ever since. The more I learn about what it means to be healthy in this day and age, the more I find ways to incorporate healthy habits into my everyday life.

The more healthy habits I have, the more I am inspired to share with others and see their results!

That is what propels me towards my mission, which is to empower you to take charge of your own health by equipping you with resources and practical tips on how to reach your health goals! I want to see you inspired and excited about changing your life for good through the access of better health information. I want you to join me in learning more about natural ways we can support our body systems!

Healthier lifestyle changes are just a decision away; the question is, 
are you ready to start your journey?


debbie tiffin - bLUE MOUND,tx  usa

Hello, I'm Debbie Tiffin. I began actively using Young Living products in February 2015, and have enjoyed the journey of learning and taking charge of my own wellness.

For many years I suffered from various health issues that left me nearly housebound. After hearing testimonials from some friends regarding their improved health, it sparked an interest in me to find out more about this company. I call this a journey because it has been, and continues to be.                  

It is a step by step act of:
 *finding out what works best for my body
  **discovering what needs to change in my environment
  ***ridding myself and my home of possible chemical and toxin laden products
 ****shedding the weight gained during my less active years.

Joining me and supporting me in this adventure is my amazing, hardworking husband, Ted, and our wonderful grown daughter, Amanda.

I enjoy being around others who have similar faith beliefs and try to find common ground with those who do not. Besides reading and sewing, I like to cook and bake and enjoy designing recipes, or altering other recipes, to include therapeutic grade essential oils. Mostly, I delight in telling others how God is helping me overcome several health issues and the benefits experienced since choosing more natural methods.

FUN FACT: I have two favorite animals - horses and koalas (of which I have neither) :)