georgina wain - vICTORIA, Australia

 With a love for horses and country life, I’m in my 40’s, with a super fabulous husband named Dave. Together, along with our daughter, we live on a small farm with 5 horses, 3 cats, 2 dogs, fish, cows, plus numerous wildlife that randomly drop in for a visit.

I’m well equipped with many tools in my basket, so to speak. I have studied and successfully achieved many skills & qualifications throughout my life, most of which are Holistic, Alternative Healing and Spiritual.

The other love in my life is my spirituality Every day, I tap into the infinite source using meditation and prayer. I love western boots, wide open country spaces, music, movies, gardening, and of course our horses. I’m a keen user of alternative and holistic therapies, have been for almost 30 years.

Aromatherapy and essential oils
are like my second skin;

I consider them to be gifts from nature that have enormous life benefits.  My day does not ever start without them nor does it end without using them. It’s all a part of my daily routine and it’s been that way for most of my life.

When I came across Young Living I knew there was something unique about their essential oils, their Seed to Seal process, and their integrity to quality speaks for themselves.

Becoming a Young Living Member and joining the EnRgize4life team is life changing. Together we are a part of a huge family of likeminded people, we’re strong, we’re connected and we all share a passionate love for Young Living, because we all know that the products truly work.

Being on this path and a part of the Young Living company truly is a journey of discovery, the essential oils have real WOW factor and the health products are sensational!

My testimony to that statement is my own and when you begin your journey I have every reason to believe that Young Living will also make an impact on you too.

It is a journey, and it will change the way you live!


Jennifer wilson- mANSFIELD, tx  usa

My name is Jennifer Wilson and my journey to wellness began three years ago when my dear friend asked if I wanted to try a sample of Thieves.  I had no idea what it was, but not wanting to hurt her feelings, I of course said YES! 

Well, within a week I had ordered a bottle of Thieves.....and then didn’t really know what to do with it!  

My friend then invited me to a party at her house (but she said it wasn’t called a party).  The class had two of her friends describe several oils in a starter kit and that night I became an "oiler".

 Since then I have been learning about oils, their uses and benefits.  I wear the oils around my neck daily. 

I’ve seen oils help with respiratory issues and other issues with numerous people.  I enjoy learning about oils and how they can help people.