About Steve & Sherian 

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Steve and Sherian are a dynamic duo working as partners in life, parents and in business. They've been married almost 30 years and have 2 grown children and 2 fantastic children in love. 
While Sherian is the "face" of their business, teaching classes, educating members and coming up with new ideas; Steve does the background business. His nickname is "Superman" because literally his strength in upholding Sherian's "ideas" and doing the many little things makes him SUPER in the eyes of those who know him. This team runs smoothly because they work together to give the very best to their team. 

The McCoys came into this business accidentally after a chronic illness that plagued Sherian for over 4 years. When they found Young Living and started noticing a difference others started asking what she was doing. Literally, overnight, they became accidental entrepreneurs.

Now, there's no accident.

They work diligently to provide quality education, quality service and quality experiences with their team members and customers alike. 

If you've found yourself on this website and are ready to join please check out the "How to Join Us" link. If you don't have a name or number of the person that introduced you to our website then please feel free to enter the McCoy's number. They will make sure you are well taken care of and in the right place! 

Just use #1541908 and Welcome to the team! 
You've made a great choice!

Wellness Classes this month

Online - October 10th @8pm RSVP for ONLINE link
IN PERSON - SELAH Office - October 17th @7pm
Facebook Group - The Nest - October 25th 9am - 9pm

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