About Tabitha


Hello! My name is Tabitha Gordon. I am a wife, mother, music teacher, and health enthusiast!

If you knew me a few years ago, you are probably shocked to hear the words “health enthusiast” describe me. But, a lot has happened in such a short amount of time.

It started three years ago. My life was at an all time low physically, mentally, spiritually…. Everything was spinning out of control and I had resorted to living in this state of helplessness groaning at my un-luck, cursing my body for not working the way I thought it should.

Then, I was invited to class about health.

It was a class that encouraged a healthy lifestyle (insert eye roll) and I begrudgingly agreed to attend. Boy, did it change my life! I realized on that day that I had control of my future. It wasn’t my body’s fault I had been abusing it all of these years. It was mine and I had finally been giving the tools to unleash bad habits and make good, amazing, HEALTHY changes.

So, here I am! Three years later, still learning, working, and changing. And now I’m ready to share with the rest of the world how to live that lifestyle so many believe is impossible to reach. Because, It is reachable. It is doable.

My mission is to help you turn your life around, to give you the resources and tools you need, to encourage and motivate you during the tough times as well as the successful times.
My goal is to show you what it means to have the life you have been dreaming of no matter what obstacle you face.

The road isn’t easy. It isn’t a one day magical fix. It’s time, effort, dedication…. Yet, it is the most rewarding and incredible journey. I don’t know what possessed me to attend a class I mocked and rolled my eyes at. But it was the best decision I ever made!

Step out, Be brave, and take a chance on health. Let’s do this together!

If you'd like to drop me a line or ask me a question please do so in the contact us link above. If you're ready to join our team go ahead and click the link below my picture. I'm excited to have you join me on this journey!